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Transformation & Protection Stack

Transformation & Protection Stack

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The lush, swirling patterns of malachite showcase striking light and dark green marbling that is unmistakable. The startling beauty of this stone has come to represent sensuality and beauty.  One of the most visually stunning crystals that nature has to offer, Malachite is known as the Stone of Transformation for more reasons than one. The crystal is closely associated with nature and growth, with its appearance representative of Mother Earth itself and all the positive energy it carries. The bright and verdant green crystals are like the dense summery trees that stand for growth, vitality and energy, while the darker ones with deeper shades of green (sometimes almost black) symbolize the absorbent nature of the crystal where it soaks up all the negative energy around you. And then there are those that turn yellowish green in transmitted light, truly representative of the power of transformation, just like autumn where the earth gets ready for rebirth and rejuvenation. Such is the power of Malachite, for it is a stone of personal growth and abundance of spirit, just like the hues of the color it carries. 

With its silky luster and hypnotic swirls, it's easy to see why striking green malachite has been adored as a gemstone for centuries.  

Some of the earliest malachite deposits to be mined were located in Egypt and Israel, with large deposits later discovered in Russia. Today most malachite is sourced from deposits in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral that forms in the earth's crust at shallow depths, occurring when carbonated water interacts with copper minerals. It is the copper content that is responsible for the stone's striking green color, while the amount of water present as it forms dictates how light or dark the unmistakable agate-like banding and concentric swirls will be. 

In ancient Egypt, it was regarded as a stone of royalty (green being the color for royalty), often worn as a talisman of power and protection. Today, it is considered to be one of the most important healing stones of the new millennium. And rightly so, when the new era is all about finding your true self and your ‘calling’ in life.  


Healing Properties of Malachite 

Malachite is the essence of joy and is known as the "stone of transformation" because it helps reveal and heal emotional pain by absorbing the pain into itself. It is especially helpful in bringing ease during times of change and gives the insight needed for personal growth. 

Just looking at malachite's swirls, rings and intricate marbling is rejuvenating and uplifting. It can help a person get through tough transitional periods. This is a wonderful, empowering stone to wear when starting a new project or job or moving to a new home. 

Malachite has been traditionally used to ward off danger and fight illness. It has been said to protect against falling and has been wrapped over bruises and broken bones to help with tissue regeneration and healing. Malachite tends to draw negative energy and disharmony into itself.  


Proper Care of Malachite 

Malachite is especially fragile, easily scratched and can become dull. So protect it from scratches, sharp blows or large temperature changes that will fracture, shatter or chip it. Do not clean malachite in a home ultrasonic cleaner because the surface can be damaged. 

Malachite is sensitive to heat, acids, ammonia, and hot waters. Rinsing malachite in clean water is safe. Let it air dry and store away from other metals or gemstones that might damage the surface. Remove malachite jewelry when doing heavy work that might scratch it. 


Stack Details: 

  • Macrame wrap with malachite chips (approx. 5mm). 
  • Gold-filled 8mm Beaded Bracelet with an 8mm 14K Gold Pave Diamond Bead. Approx. Diamond Weight: 0.7 carats 
  • Malachite 8mm Beaded Bracelet with an 8mm 14K Gold Pave Diamond Bead. Approx. Diamond Weight: 0.7 carats 
  • Malachite 6mm Faceted Bead Bracelet with a Gold-filled Pave Diamond Lobster Clasp, w/ double side full diamonds. Diamond Weight: 0.84 carats 
  • Malachite Chips (Approx. 5mm) bracelet with a 6 mm Gold-filled Bead. 


Please note: As it is a natural stone, no two will be alike. Natural stones have varying shades, line patterns and inclusions. Natural stones may have chips, cracks or other imperfections. We cannot guarantee perfect points or stones.


Disclaimer: Metaphysical properties are provided for informational purposes only. Consult a licensed healthcare professional for medical advice or concerns. Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. If a condition persists, please contact your physician or health care provider. The information provided by this website is not a substitute for a consultation with a health care provider and should not be construed as individual medical advice.


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