Our Story

Founded in 2013

About Calypso's Island

Calypso’s Island® is a brand celebrated for its island inspiration and high quality materials, born from our love of the Virgin Islands and inspired by all of those sparkling little gems dotted throughout the Caribbean Ocean. Jewelry Designer Audrey “Calypso” Dalessandro believes in the power of nature and that we are all a part of its amazing simplicity and splendor. It is part of her mission to use sustainable materials that are gifted to us from Mother Earth, her one-of-a-kind pieces of ‘wearable art’ encapsulates the island style as well as a casual, natural elegance.

Her use of semi-precious stones are intended to enliven ones senses by connecting the wearer directly with the energy of the stones and to promote balance and oneness within the wearer’s heart, mind and soul. Some of the other sustainable materials she uses include coconut, wood, nuts, shells, seeds, and ethically sourced animal bone. Each and every piece of her jewelry is designed to not only make the woman wearing it look and feel amazing, but to also connect her with the natural world that we are all a part of.

Our Founder

Meet Calypso


After dipping her artistic brush into many vibrant and fulfilling entrepreneurial palettes over the past 20 years, Designer Audrey “Calypso” D’Alessandro found herself coming full circle to her roots. Born and raised in Venezuela, she always felt connected to the island life, to the ocean and the beautiful natural world around her. While growing up, she was at the beach sinking her feet into the sand at every opportunity . It just felt like home to her. Combining her academic degrees in Business and Fashion and Jewelry Design with her love of beautifying life, she is living her passion with Calypso’s Island.

Never before has she found such a rewarding way to express her creative passion and her heartfelt desire to enlighten others as she has with Calypso’s Island. For Calypso, her jewelry not only symbolizes her artistic expression and love of nature, but it also represents the many spectrums of charity awareness which embodies a big part of who she is as a person. It is fulfilling for her to know that she can make a difference in the world, and that her business can help make a difference as well!