This tender gemstone of love and compassion soothes the heart and comforts the soul, inspiring us to open our hearts to the beauty and wonder of life. Rhodochrosite is a soft raspberry-pink to rose-red color.  

It is often called the “stone of love and balance” due to its ability to promote love, self-confidence, and emotional balance. Its name comes from the Greek words “rhodos”, meaning “rose,” and “khros”, meaning “color,” referring to its rosy color. 

Rhodochrosite is linked to the heart and solar plexus chakras. These chakras are associated with love, self-esteem, and personal power. When these chakras are balanced, we feel more in tune with our emotions, our ability to give and receive love, and our sense of personal power.  

Rhodochrosite is commonly found in Argentina, Peru, and the United States. In ancient times, rhodochrosite was highly valued for its ability to help promote emotional healing and alleviate anxiety and depression. It was also used for its ability to promote healthy circulation and support the immune system.  

Today, rhodochrosite is still used for these purposes, as well as for promoting creativity and inner strength. Its nurturing energy helps to deal with and heal past traumas and bottled emotions, encouraging a positive attitude and joy for life.  

When you hold or wear rhodochrosite, you may feel a sense of warmth, compassion, and self-confidence, reminding us to take care of ourselves and those around us with kindness and grace.  

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