Like a swirling blue river, this gemstone represents the beauty and power of flow, inviting us to trust and embrace all of life with open arms.  

Dumortierite is a rich and mesmerizing crystal of various shades of blues and purples and is known for its ability to enhance intellectual abilities and mental clarity. It’s named after the French paleontologist that discovered it, Eugène Dumortier.  

Dumortierite is linked to the third eye and throat chakras. These chakras are associated with intuition, communication, and mental clarity. When these chakras are balanced, we feel more in tune with our inner voice, our ability to communicate effectively, and our mental acuity.  

Dumortierite is found in several countries around the world, including the United States, Brazil, and Madagascar. In ancient times, dumortierite was highly valued for its ability to promote learning. It was also used for its ability to alleviate physical ailments such as headaches and digestive issues, as well as promoting healthy circulation and supporting the immune system.  

Today, dumortierite is still used for these purposes, as well as enhancing your ability to learn and retain information and aiding with mental agility, emotional security, and self-love.  

When you wear dumortierite, you may feel a sense of mental clarity, focus, and concentration, enabling you to make positive shifts in your life.  

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