Mirroring the flow of life, this gemstone invites us to let go of resistance and embrace the currents. Chrysocolla is a marbled blue-green crystal resembling oxidized copper.  

It is often called the “stone of communication” due to its ability to allow for clear and honest self-expression. its name comes from the Greek words “khrusós” and “kolla”, meaning “gold” and “glue”, in allusion to the name of the material used to solder gold.  

Chrysocolla is linked to the throat and heart chakras. These chakras are associated with communication, self-expression, and emotional balance. When these chakras are balanced, we feel more in tune with our inner voice, our ability to express ourselves, and our emotional well-being.  

Chrysocolla is found in many parts of the world, including the United States, Chile, and Peru. In ancient times, chrysocolla was highly valued for its ability to promote emotional balance and creativity. It was also used for its ability to alleviate physical ailments such as arthritis and digestive issues while promoting healthy circulation and supporting the immune system.  

Today, chrysocolla is still used for these purposes, as well as for promoting self-awareness and personal growth. Its harmonious energy inspires authenticity and tranquility, allowing you to be your truest self.  

When you wear chrysocolla, you may feel a sense of calm, balance, and emotional well-being, helping you connect with your inner voice, promoting self-expression, and enhancing your ability to communicate effectively.  

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