7 Years....

FB memories today. Photoshoot from 7 years ago when we were getting ready to launch Calypso’s Island. What a journey this has been. I still remember the day I posted my first bracelet for sale, and boy was I nervous to hit the “publish” button on my first online store and send my designs out into the world. I’ve learned a ton in 7 years, tried lots of things that didn’t work, met the most amazing people and tied thousands of elastics for my bracelets.

After 7 years in business, I know there is no magic formula for success. It really comes down to pure determination, perseverance, and the will to keep trying and sticking with it, even on those days you’re wondering why you chose this entrepreneurial journey.

7 years later, our many successes tell me that we were right sticking to it. What a remarkable ride this has been and what a wonderful project we have for the next years to come. As always, THANK YOU! To all our customers, friends and family…we wouldn’t be here without you!

And to all women entrepreneurs out there making magic where literally nothing existed before, I’m looking at you to light the way, to collaborate with and grow together! And if you’re just starting your entrepreneur journey, I’ll be cheering you on, because in life and business, it is always better when you have friends who believe in you!